Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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I know, I know. You're probably screaming at your computer monitors right now this very phrase [how tacky to clump together 5 days in one post] my response, leave your monitor alone I've been on vacation! Which is exactly what I will cover now. The Smedley family shindig at my uncles cabin in Bear Lake! Each year we Smedleys scrummage up a weekend to head up to the Caribbean of the Rockies! [ That's what the call it] Each year is more fun. But I learned alot more than I would any regular weekend [alot more] here's a list.

Things I Learned From My Bear Lake Cabin Trip
1. I love my family [this I already knew but learned that love means sharing a bed with 2 to 3 people {children} a night]
2. I love raspberries
3. Who needs an alarm clock when you've got Kelly Kay Lemon! [Everytime a Moose rolls into town at 6 AM, she'll kindly let you know like this {MOOOSE MOOOSE MOOOOSE!!!! THERES A MOOSE MOOOOOOOOOOOSE!!!!!!!!!!! AHH!!!!!!!!!!} so sweet]
4. All kinds love the Spongebab. [ This Nickelodeon Hit has everyone addicted to his Nautical Nonsense, young and old alike]
5. A beach is a beach [and I'll take whatever beach comes my way]
6. I love my grandparents vocabulary [why did the times change?] I mean they used phrases like Daggone it and You're schnookerin me. Terms of endearment like sweetie pea, and God's little angel on earth. Commands sounded a little something like go watch your television program down the basement will ya. Oh dear Frank and sweet Kay. I love you to bits and pieces.
7. Whatever I could possibly stub any toe on, you can guarantee I did.
8. Pool is fun [until you accidentally knock in the 8 ball]
9. What is better than a house full of Smedleys? [A CABIN FULL!]
10. I learned where I really belong.

I'm sure there is plenty of stories I could entertain you with
Maybe next time
Taylor Kent Smedley

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