Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 28

Today was a different day. I once again said goodbye to something that made my life the way it was for such a long time, my job. I celebrated my final hours at Kohls with a pizza party in my honor. What a place. Ive had a job there since last August and I have learned so much from my experience there.
Here's a list
1. People like to shop [ no matter what they buy]
2. Set goals, try hard and work hard and you can make them
3. Talking to strangers is fun! [not suggesting it to kids] I have met some interesting people i other wise would never have
4. Always smile [ you had too {that was easy for me :)}]
and last
5. Just have fun [it helps to get paid for it]

Because of Kohls I have recognized what I want in life. Instead of being the one operating the register I want to be the one getting what goes into the cash drawer.
I think I might start my own company one day.
Not retail! NO NO NO.
I want to support my family and be there for them too.
That's my goal.
Thank you Kohl's!
Taylor Kent Smedley

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