Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 1

Well today is the day. I'm headed off. I can't believe I made it to this point, it still feels so dream like. Here I come.
Taylor Kent Smedley

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 17 thru uh....4?

Heres a bulleted list of the last days
  • California
  • Disneyland
  • Pioneer Trek
  • Other stuff
  • Goodbyes
  • Farewell
  • More stuff
  • And such
  • Ecetera?
  • .............
  • Im leaving soon
  • I need to get out of this town
  • A fresh start
  • A new home
  • The next step on in my life
  • Get me out of here
  • Let me go


Taylor Kent Smedley

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 18

What I will miss most about my hometown
1. Rainbow Snow
2. The Deseret Industries
3. The things I find at the Deseret Industries
4. Trumps field
5. Main Street Bountiful
6. Yogurt Stop
7. Mueller Park in the Fall
8. Chalking peoples driveways
9. 519 East
10. The 3 rd ward
11. Dick's Market
12. Bountiful High
13. The V
14. Bountiful Pond
15. South Davis Recreation Center
16. Robintinos
17. Wal-Mart [after hours]
18. The neighborhood block
19. My backyard tree house
20. The Dyer's stepping stones
21. The Trumps Pool
22. Valley View
23. The Boulevard
24. The Bountiful Temple
25. The fountains at the Bountiful Temple
26. The Bountiful Davis Arts Center
27. The giant pile of buckets at the Holloways
28. My Grandpa's apple tree
29. My roof
30. The soft patch of grass near the road
31. The annoying dogs next door
32. The feuds between us and the cross back door neighbors grandchildren
33. Moving the tramp under neath the tree house
34. Playing games until midnight with Nathan
35. Eating Popsicles on the cement
36. The Centerville Libraries painting on the ceiling of the kids section
37. Kohls
38. Watching Old movies at Island View
39. Picnics
40. Island View Swings
41. The hot dog stand
42. The parades
43. Lemonade Stands, Bake Sales, and Nickel and Dime stores
44. Our garage
45. Dicks Baked Goods
46. Kim's Tae Kwon Do
47. The Japanese Shop next to Kim's Tae Kwon Do
48. Breaking into the Yoakums Playhouse
49. The old Apricot tree
50. The many various things the Holloways sell on their front lawn
51. The Lakeview Hospital Gift Shop [lets be clear not the Hospital itself]
52. The broken basketball standard
53. Night Games
54. Sledding down Chicken Ridge
55. The rope swing
56. The Viewmont parking lot
57. My bedroom
58. Hiding from cars behind trees
59. Fast offerings
60. The growing junk pile in our backyard
61. Bangtarers Farm
62. Lagoon
63. The bubble
64. Carrington Place Pool and Hot Tub
65. The bus stop
66. Millcreek Junior High
67. Climbing the Stone Ridge Waterfall
68. Jumping the train tracks
69. Fighting Justin for control of the radio
70. The Green Car!
71. The Manadrin
72. The extreme change in weather
73. The mountains in the fall
74. Walking everywhere
75. Never going into Rite-Aid
76. The ramp by Dicks where you walk through the hanging plastic sheets
77. Burritoing the neighbors
78. My moms cookies
79. Ping Pong
80. Racing home from church to be the first dressed
81. The smell of our house after you haven't been there in awhile
82. The stairs I broke my toe on
83. Driving around all night
84. Tuesday baptisms
85. Singing in the car with the windows rolled down
86. The live Christmas Nativity
87. Spankys Subs
88. That stupid ceiling fan I always hit my head on
89. Getting groceries from the trunk of our car
90. The way we never have to lock our door
91. Our garden sunflower that comes back taller every year
92. Chasing my crazy dog all around the neighborhood and back
93. The shortcut through the orchard to the graveyard to the geocache
94. I-15
95. Husking corn on the back patio
96. Sleeping on the tramp
97. Water fights
98. Raking leaves into a giant pile
99. My dogs Bandit and Tiger
100. Anything else that makes up the goulash of my life
Goodbye Centerville
Taylor Kent Smedley

Day 20 19

Well we went camping......surprise. It was fun a little cold [oh shoot so is Canada!] It was fun playing games and spending time in the great out doors! I'm double double excited to go to California [in which we are also camping]
Taylor Kent Smedley

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 21

I'm headed out again today! [Going camping]
Should be the time of Nate's life.
Taylor Kent Smedley

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 22

Well I'm over halfway through my 46 day experiment! [What the heck where did my time go?!?!] Yep. And while I do look back at my life, I have been looking forward today. I have really put my mind to my future. [What I want to do, who I want to be, who I want to be with] and after that I decided to lay down what I want in my life and future wife.

I simply must have/live in a beach house, zero exceptions [ I don't care what beach!]
In order to fund my vacation home that'll require an amazing job [which I'll get no problem :)]
I want to be a fun dad
And that brings me to you.
Mystery girl. The lucky duck.
Whether you read this or not, it's for you, who ever you may be, where ever you may be.
To my Future Spouse
Hello! and Greetings! I can't wait for our life together I just know that we will be the party. I can't wait to be you're one and only and you mine. I will love you until the end, and than after. I promise I will be there for you and I am saving myself for you. All you. I think and pray for you everyday. I hope you're ready for the time of your life. I know it'll get tough but hey it'll get better, and better as we grow and as our family does too. I know you're out there and I cannot wait to find you. Be strong. We'll be together soon. I love you.

[sorry to be so open]
Taylor Kent Smedley

Day 27 26 25 24 23

I know, I know. You're probably screaming at your computer monitors right now this very phrase [how tacky to clump together 5 days in one post] my response, leave your monitor alone I've been on vacation! Which is exactly what I will cover now. The Smedley family shindig at my uncles cabin in Bear Lake! Each year we Smedleys scrummage up a weekend to head up to the Caribbean of the Rockies! [ That's what the call it] Each year is more fun. But I learned alot more than I would any regular weekend [alot more] here's a list.

Things I Learned From My Bear Lake Cabin Trip
1. I love my family [this I already knew but learned that love means sharing a bed with 2 to 3 people {children} a night]
2. I love raspberries
3. Who needs an alarm clock when you've got Kelly Kay Lemon! [Everytime a Moose rolls into town at 6 AM, she'll kindly let you know like this {MOOOSE MOOOSE MOOOOSE!!!! THERES A MOOSE MOOOOOOOOOOOSE!!!!!!!!!!! AHH!!!!!!!!!!} so sweet]
4. All kinds love the Spongebab. [ This Nickelodeon Hit has everyone addicted to his Nautical Nonsense, young and old alike]
5. A beach is a beach [and I'll take whatever beach comes my way]
6. I love my grandparents vocabulary [why did the times change?] I mean they used phrases like Daggone it and You're schnookerin me. Terms of endearment like sweetie pea, and God's little angel on earth. Commands sounded a little something like go watch your television program down the basement will ya. Oh dear Frank and sweet Kay. I love you to bits and pieces.
7. Whatever I could possibly stub any toe on, you can guarantee I did.
8. Pool is fun [until you accidentally knock in the 8 ball]
9. What is better than a house full of Smedleys? [A CABIN FULL!]
10. I learned where I really belong.

I'm sure there is plenty of stories I could entertain you with
Maybe next time
Taylor Kent Smedley

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 28

Today was a different day. I once again said goodbye to something that made my life the way it was for such a long time, my job. I celebrated my final hours at Kohls with a pizza party in my honor. What a place. Ive had a job there since last August and I have learned so much from my experience there.
Here's a list
1. People like to shop [ no matter what they buy]
2. Set goals, try hard and work hard and you can make them
3. Talking to strangers is fun! [not suggesting it to kids] I have met some interesting people i other wise would never have
4. Always smile [ you had too {that was easy for me :)}]
and last
5. Just have fun [it helps to get paid for it]

Because of Kohls I have recognized what I want in life. Instead of being the one operating the register I want to be the one getting what goes into the cash drawer.
I think I might start my own company one day.
Not retail! NO NO NO.
I want to support my family and be there for them too.
That's my goal.
Thank you Kohl's!
Taylor Kent Smedley

Day 29

Do I have to write about anything today?
Taylor Kent Smedley

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 30

I love tye dye.
Today was a tye dye day.
Here are some photos.

MMMMMMM. That's one eye popping good cherry mate!
Mama like the grape!
I just want to save this lil guy.

Angry bucket!

Pirate Jacob!
Or Dali Jacob?

Nope thats tiger for sure, those cute but crazy eyes.

Me as the Avatar Aang.
Good day.
One more month
Taylor Kent Smedley

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 31

Nothing like a good explosion! I learned that tonight. We blew up just about everything on the block! [what a sight] We had Justin lighting gas bubbles, Bradley who knows what he was doing, and Jacob, oh Jacob. [He decided to light flowers{the kind that spin around} yet he accidentally dropped them after they lit and they went off right by his feet{lets just say he was dancing like a dancing fool to avoid those suckers}] Things are becoming clearer. With just 31 days left its starting to sink in and make sense, starting to be cleared away.


Taylor Kent Smedley

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 32


I am just letting you know now out of courtesy this one is going to be a long one so buckle up and prepare for blast off. BLAST OFF! Today was a wonderful day. Church=AMAZING! All three meetings were knocked outta the ball park, they went by swimmingly. Sacrament was the best, they way you can immediately tell if its going to be good, is if Nathan makes you laugh to the point of tears five minutes into the procession. We are notorious for our sacrament entertainment. Whether its fighting, sleeping, or uncontrollable bouts of laughter [sometimes its so bad you have to stick your head between your knees and just let it out!] we have quite the reputation. Today was not unlike any other in that regard. But alas, it is my honor and privilege to introduce to the public, The Secret Smedley Sacrament Journals!
These are in the raw for real footage of said journals.

Dun...dun...dun {dramatic pause}

Lets start with the first one of the day.

This is actually a depiction of the event that caused my laughter.

Figure 1, the little bit larger boy, he drops his penny. The penny rolls around and he bends excitedly to pick it up. At the sight of his eager bending Nathan, figure 2 [the one with the thought bubble that says HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA] turns his head to the side and begins laughing.

Take note of the sunbeam illuminating from Nathan head and face actually happened like that. [Can you blame him, look at those gluts!]

This is the last of the diagram. The one eyed cretin turns away to pretend he didn't see the unfortunate event he did, but there is no erasing that memory. Oh and now Figure 1 has whipped himself up one mighty fine fried egg to place on his face!

Hey Arnold!

Hey! Its Hey Arnold!

and Hey Arnold's friend?

But the reason my dad took away the pens and paper today had a little something to do with everybodys favorite PBS aardvark! That's right everybody I'm talking about the breakthrough hit Arthur! Catch him weekdays at 7 and 4 on PBS kids!

And I say HEY! What a wonderful time of day!

Arthur decided to show up at our meeting today

Wait a minute!?!?! Arthur's glasses aren't squares?! there circles! duh

Ahh much better......WAIT, what the heck is that thing holding up Arthur's glasses? A hearing aid? A third ear? A wad of Muffys old gum? No, no! Lets fix this.

Okay well everyone I hate to be the one to break the news but apparently Arthur has a brain tumor. Yes it is tragic. But thanks to the miracle of modern medicine....

Not only has Arthur been healed, but cloned!

Touching it truly is.

Well this is the point in our meeting where the pad of paper and pens were banned from use.


Taylor Kent Smedley

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 33

Le Livre De Mormon. The book of Mormon. Today I got my first copy of it in the french language. It is beautiful, it is even more beautiful in French. Man, what a day. I feel happier, I feel brighter, I feel more sure, and that is all because of this book right here. I know that it's true, because I've read it, I've lived it, and I love it. It is because of those feelings right there and the many other beautiful wonders that it brought me, that I will bring the world. That joy, that exact peace. That knowledge. That truth. The Bountiful Temple. Wow what a place. It was hard to go from the extreme peace and comfort there, to the busy and harsh world of retail. I am excited to leave my job, I've grown out of it. It has been by far the BEST one on my resume but my hearts in a different place. I love my family! They are the most supportive people you'll ever meet. I feel like I'm maturing and growing everyday. Heck I'll always be an insanely hyper kid on the inside! We all know that will never change.
Taylor Kent Smedley

Day 34

I miss my friend Stacy. She is in California for a week [though I'm jealous] she is the funniest person I've ever met. She can make anything funny, anything at all! It is such a relief to have a drama free friendship [which is exactly what I need no drama] She is hilarious and I'm glad to have got to known her from my career at Kohls which comes to an end in less than a week. Man, am I really growing up? I spent some time with Heather today. I love her. She is my aunt on my moms side. She has been the one to help me through when times were tough and she loved me and will always love me no matter what. Heather is outspoken, well outspoken but honest. HAHA you're thinking it, she is not afraid to say it [in any situation at all] Though true she has a little spice she is a sweetheart through and through. I love you Hedo!
Taylor Kent Smedley

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 35

Today was just one of those days were I felt like this, send me out there! I'm so tired of waiting. I cant imagine if I had to wait 4 months. SEND ME NOW! This is urgent. I wanna be there! I want to see the city! Meet the people! Speak the language. I am not much good around here anymore. I often teeter back and forth between the feelings of leaving home. Some days I'm happy some I'm sad. C'est la vie! [note: that's french! look at me go see I told you I was ready] My goodness sakes. My mommacita [my hero] is out of town for a few days, so naturally the house is a mess and the Nintendo wii is running the most part of the day! GO WII! [just kidding I only play games that I can grasp the concept of such as the following {Wii sports, Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, Basically if the title is 2 words long and conveniently conveys the purpose of the game I'm in!] my brothers are maniacs at it! If there was an Olympics for Wii well Heck we'd take home the bronze, silver, and gold. The ceremony would be out on our back lawn [I wonder if its a winter or summer sport{ or even a sport}] Well well well that's all for tonight folks! [so nerdy]! Peace.
Taylor Kent Smedley

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 36

What a day. Started out by helping at the BDAC with my aunts art class! I miss art, but I know that I'm more focused on other things right now. It was good to see that joy and peace art gives me, being given to other people. I can't wait to give happiness, joy, and peace to other people. I don't even know where to begins. My life has become a whirlwind, the fairytale years of teenagerdom are fluttering in and out of consciousness. This is the real deal, this is my life. This is my time, my shot to do what I want with it. This is it. What my whole life has been leading up too. 36 days away. Wow. Looking back I at what I have accomplished so far just amazes me. To see from where I've been, the highs, the lows, just has prepared me for whats to come. They've all had a purpose, a lesson to be learned. But what happens when it's time to actually live it? It's slowly sinking in, slowly hitting me more and more each day in bursts of excitement, and sadness. So bittersweet. Both happy and sad. It will be hard. But I wouldn't go if it was easy. One month until my 19th birthday. Me 19! Who knew?
Taylor Kent Smedley

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 37

What What What up? Today was not a very eventful day. Was long, felt long. But I feel like I got nothing accomplished. Just blah. But heres the latest. One of my good friends, lets call them Mik, well Mik and I havent been on the best terms lately. Mik is going one way and I another. My mission has caused a rift because Mik and I are having less and less time to hang out. SO this is my note to Mik. Dear Mik, Thanks for being my pal throughout the years. Thanks for all the memories we have shared in our friendship, you are great and have helped me alot. a lot. But sometimes life has a different plan for each of us. We are still friends and always will be. I just have a different direction that I'm going and I don't have much time left, and if you would like to be a part of it well I'm leaving that up to you :) thanks for being ma best friend. peace!
Taylor Kent Smedley

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 38

Today is the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. And what a day it was. I'll spare you of the less interesting details of the day. This was my highlight. I did my first priesthood anointment for healing of the sick. I was terrified, but calmed by the divine nature of what I was doing and who needed the help. I am SURE that will not be the last time, and I'm completely fine with that. Man life sure is great. Look around at all the wonderful things we have. My cousin leaves for Canada next week! I can't wait to do the same. I mean really look at what a uniquely beautiful place. Right where I'm supposed to be.
Taylor Kent Smedley

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 39

I can't believe the countdown is already less than 40 days. I remember 6 years ago when I was 13, my aunt said just think 3 years from now Tay you'll be driving. 3 years came and went,she said just think 3 years from now you'll be on your mission. 3 years came and went so than she said, just think in 3 months you'll be on your mission. Time has disappeared right before my very eyes. I have always been close to my brothers, they are my favorite! and this is the way I remember them, it's they way I'll remember them forever. Today I spent the whole day with them.
Taylor Kent Smedley

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 40

Today I said goodbye to one of the major components that made up my life, my support system, my best friend, the only way I could truly express myself. Today I said goodbye to art. Not forever, but for 2 years. I said goodbye. It was a slaughter, a death to art supplies. Empty paints, bad brushes, scraps of papers, tins and paint trays, etcetera, were thrown out. I got rid of anything that wouldn't last the 2 years to see my return home again. But before falling to their death they got to have one last use, one final stand.

It made me realize,

death can be one beautiful thing.


Taylor Kent Smedley

Day 41

My life is a lot more like Lost than I realized. Out of all the characters, I'm Jack, the leader, protector, adventurous, the guardian, I am always trying to be the hero and fix everything, I am troubled, I am trying to do the right thing to be the person I want to be, to be the good guy. There's a Sawyer. The laid back ladies man, the to cool for school attitude, go with the flow, but loyal and good on the inside, a fighter, but he will be there loving you until the end. There's a Hurley, the lovable sweet one, and there's a Ben. There's a good and an evil. There's a Kate, and a Juliet, [Some days I can't tell which one is which]. Some days the two change, but that would make it even more like Lost. Jack and Kate, Sawyer and Juliet, it is all a big love triangle that gets all twisted but straightened out in the end. Sure I may not be on a lost island, but there are times Centerville is more than a mystery. I have so many questions. There are so many possibilities. But in the end will things get figured out?
I turned in my art piece to the gallery this afternoon. I spent the morning with Gracie Lou Who! We had 27 pictures to take. Today was a day of lasts. After two years of making the march to the bus stop, today's all to familiar walk was more like a funeral procession. Saying goodbye to someone who has been there for you is hard stuff. But that's the beauty in it. You know they'll be there again, supporting you with a smile. Thanks :)


Laurie M. Dyer

"My Anthem"

Taylor Kent Smedley

Au revoir.

Taylor Kent Smedley

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 42

Ahhh the relief. My art piece is complete, signed, and for sale. [I Incorporated an old photograph of my grandma, maybe then she will invest [$$$$$$] if you know what I mean]. I'm glad to have created another interesting piece proud to be called art. Today was one of those days that felt like 3. This morning I took my youngest brother over to the house my friend Stacy is house sitting for the next week. They have five brand new golden retriever puppies. They're cuter than anything on, by a mile [unless you're a rodent person]. I've been against the idea of rodents as pets after the Stuby incident, yes there was an incident [a tragedy [as far as animal murder goes]. The rat, yes rat, murdered, yes murdered, the innocent three toed bird appropriately named Stuby. Bad day, one for the history books. By the time they reached the animal hospital, woe woe it was just to late. Poor Stubs had lost to much blood from the wound, on his neck. I wont get gruesome but lets just think next time we purchase a rat for a domestic animal. I've changed the music I listen to. No more rap. No more Pop/Rock/Top 40's. No more Screamo [hahahhahahaahaha wait that was a joke!]. Ive limited it to uplifting light rock favorites, the classically classy Motab, and Disney soundtracks. Dun dun dun, lets get down to business, to defeat the Huns! [Mulan] Its not that half bad, in fact its quite good. I rather fancy it. Life is moving faster and faster. It seems I say another goodbye everyday. But some are rather left unsaid. The hardest goodbye will be to my boys.
My brothers.Add Imageall of them.

But what is more important than goodbye?
Taylor Kent Smedley

Day 43

I was hyper concentrated on my art today. The entire day I was just processing what steps I needed to do next and how the final product would turn out. I get this glaze over my eyes and my heart pounds at an unusual rate when I'm so intensely focused. Sometimes I just need to let it go and let the art just be. But that's so hard. For all you non-artists out there [fyi everyones an artist :)] you don't realize how demanding art can be. Its like that annoying naggy girl with a high pitched voice that's always off key, sharp, not extremely sharp but just enough so that you notice it and it drives you crazy. Just like with that girl you sometimes just have to dump it. Have to move on. for the better. My piece is coming along rather splendidly. Friday couldn't come sooner so I can get it out of my system and on with my life. I hate the theme for this years show. Traditions Then and Now! I'm sorry but could we have a cool theme? really? who chose that? Trust you me I know exactly what will be at this years show and mine and my Aunt Lauries, well our pieces will be the only ones that don't involve Pioneer subject matter. Please! Let's do something original. Mine is this modern splatteresque mixed media, and hers, well hers is off the wall. I'm excited. Today has made me so excited. I don't know why? My time here in good ol'Centerville Utah. I'm going to miss it. Its been a part of me for seven years. I guess just like the art, I need to get this town out of my system. Canada. Canada sounds just like heaven. And heaven sounds like a winner to me. Heaven. Heaven. Heaven. Maybe that's what I'm excited for. I'm also excited for the following:

I'm excited for life.

I'm excited to leave.

I'm excited to save lives.

I'm excited for college [maybe if I don't sleep through the ACT again I can go].

I'm excited to get married, in the temple, forever.

I'm excited to become a dad.

I'm excited to raise my 5 or so kids[3 biological, 2 or so adopted].

I'm excited to give them middle names.

I'm excited for the good and the bad and all that's left in between.

but most of all I'm excited for.....

the live action thriller comes theaterbending [so nerdy] to theaters July 2!! that's right, M. Night Shyamalanalans latest movie is sure to not disappoint [it better not or I will sue] me and my Beebs are going to see it at midnight! that's way past his bedtime. Beebs is short for BBF [Best Buddy Forever] the title appropriately applies to my youngest brother Caden. He is my best friend. We get to see Avatar in 3d [ that's the third dimension baby!] at midnight while Nathan and the others see it in 2d [hahahahaha good luck with that! no 3d for you] He and I have been excited since the first word that there was going to be a movie about our favorite American anime nickelodeon TV program. The suspense keeps building


Taylor Kent Smedley

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 44

Today was the day it finally felt like summer. The weather was nice, the day was long and filled with the typical easy going-ons summer consists of. My aunt Laurie came over this morning for an art party! She is a wonderful and talented artist who inspires me more than she knows. She is hilarious an we spent the morning speaking french and painting and enjoyed the finer things in life. I am currently working on a winner I know it. [the progress WILL be documented] I don't know what happened with the afternoon. The game tally is 11 to 9 for me. I always stay at least 2 up on Nathan, for safety purposes of course. Then Justin's weird weird weird friends came over. And so naturally we harassed them. Nathan and I avoided them around the neighborhood forever. And that's where it kicked in. The feeling of summer. What I remember about summer is not all the places I've gone, all the relaxation, all the activities, all that, in the end what I remember most is the hours I've spent with the people I love out on the cement driveway. That's what I'll take with me, that feeling, those memories.
Another day closer.
Taylor Kent Smedley

Day 45

Today was your typical summer day. Slept in. Relaxed. Enjoyed the sun. But most important, I conquered the world. Me and my younger brother Nathan are master strategists, sneaky business men, and settlers of Catan. We love strategy games, and we love winning. We played 2 games of risk, 2 games monopoly, 3 games of Settlers of Catan, and 1 round of the game of life. Nathan is one funny kid. I can see him becoming an attorney. He'd be the prosecution and his twin, Jacob, the defense. Nathan and I are keeping a track record of our winning record. The score TAYLOR 10! Nathan 8. 10 to 8, a 2 game advantage. It's bittersweet but I've come to enjoy the few games I have left, because 45 days from now Nathan won't have someone to play with. I got a letter from my Mission President today. Work was torture. Can't wait to leave.
See you tomorrow.
Taylor Kent Smedley

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 46

I met my first Canadian yesterday. He was just like me. He was 19. He had blue eyes. On May 26 my life changed. I remember how it felt to have everyone you love, you truly love watch me open the most important letter of my life. I could see my memories in each of their eyes. My grandparents eye held pride and my childhood. My friends eyes held laughter and good times. In my mothers eyes were tears and accomplishment. My brothers eyes held just about the rest. I am the eldest of the best five boys to walk this here earth. They are my strength and I theirs. My eyes were probably the best. I saw my future. I saw my purpose. I nervously slid my finger across the envelop tearing away little pieces. The result. Canada Montreal, French Speaking. This brings me to the purpose of this blog. As of today there are 46 days until I go to the MTC. 46 days until I leave the life I love for two years and I save the lives of many instead. 46 days to say my goodbyes, to tie up loose ends. 46 days to immortalize the time before the time my life changes. So here it goes. What I have done to this point. Graduated High School, Graduated Seminary with 4 years (miracle!) and gave a beautiful inspiring talk (also a miracle I didn't puke!), relaxed, shopped, drove around crazy, played 16 hours of tennis, felt the rain, started a project, explored a city with a good friend, say goodbye to many others, felt the pride and power of the priesthood, lived, loved. Now that you've been caught up. Day46. Going to church (which is now fun! Gracie better be there!), playing tennis, eating dinner with the Tanners, and then finishing it off with a Smedley family gathering which is guaranteed to be interesting. This day marks the first of the countdown. 46 days to go!
More tomorrow,
Taylor Kent Smedley