Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 32


I am just letting you know now out of courtesy this one is going to be a long one so buckle up and prepare for blast off. BLAST OFF! Today was a wonderful day. Church=AMAZING! All three meetings were knocked outta the ball park, they went by swimmingly. Sacrament was the best, they way you can immediately tell if its going to be good, is if Nathan makes you laugh to the point of tears five minutes into the procession. We are notorious for our sacrament entertainment. Whether its fighting, sleeping, or uncontrollable bouts of laughter [sometimes its so bad you have to stick your head between your knees and just let it out!] we have quite the reputation. Today was not unlike any other in that regard. But alas, it is my honor and privilege to introduce to the public, The Secret Smedley Sacrament Journals!
These are in the raw for real footage of said journals.

Dun...dun...dun {dramatic pause}

Lets start with the first one of the day.

This is actually a depiction of the event that caused my laughter.

Figure 1, the little bit larger boy, he drops his penny. The penny rolls around and he bends excitedly to pick it up. At the sight of his eager bending Nathan, figure 2 [the one with the thought bubble that says HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA] turns his head to the side and begins laughing.

Take note of the sunbeam illuminating from Nathan head and face actually happened like that. [Can you blame him, look at those gluts!]

This is the last of the diagram. The one eyed cretin turns away to pretend he didn't see the unfortunate event he did, but there is no erasing that memory. Oh and now Figure 1 has whipped himself up one mighty fine fried egg to place on his face!

Hey Arnold!

Hey! Its Hey Arnold!

and Hey Arnold's friend?

But the reason my dad took away the pens and paper today had a little something to do with everybodys favorite PBS aardvark! That's right everybody I'm talking about the breakthrough hit Arthur! Catch him weekdays at 7 and 4 on PBS kids!

And I say HEY! What a wonderful time of day!

Arthur decided to show up at our meeting today

Wait a minute!?!?! Arthur's glasses aren't squares?! there circles! duh

Ahh much better......WAIT, what the heck is that thing holding up Arthur's glasses? A hearing aid? A third ear? A wad of Muffys old gum? No, no! Lets fix this.

Okay well everyone I hate to be the one to break the news but apparently Arthur has a brain tumor. Yes it is tragic. But thanks to the miracle of modern medicine....

Not only has Arthur been healed, but cloned!

Touching it truly is.

Well this is the point in our meeting where the pad of paper and pens were banned from use.


Taylor Kent Smedley


  1. i love smedley boys. that should be a bumper sticker or something...

  2. ha haha ha ha! thanks for the visuals--those were awesome. they could be their own blog even!

  3. Haha i should start a bumper sticker/t shirt buisness featuring these designs and the countless more that are currently residing in my moms sacrament bag! hahahaha oh lo lo