Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 33

Le Livre De Mormon. The book of Mormon. Today I got my first copy of it in the french language. It is beautiful, it is even more beautiful in French. Man, what a day. I feel happier, I feel brighter, I feel more sure, and that is all because of this book right here. I know that it's true, because I've read it, I've lived it, and I love it. It is because of those feelings right there and the many other beautiful wonders that it brought me, that I will bring the world. That joy, that exact peace. That knowledge. That truth. The Bountiful Temple. Wow what a place. It was hard to go from the extreme peace and comfort there, to the busy and harsh world of retail. I am excited to leave my job, I've grown out of it. It has been by far the BEST one on my resume but my hearts in a different place. I love my family! They are the most supportive people you'll ever meet. I feel like I'm maturing and growing everyday. Heck I'll always be an insanely hyper kid on the inside! We all know that will never change.
Taylor Kent Smedley

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