Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 44

Today was the day it finally felt like summer. The weather was nice, the day was long and filled with the typical easy going-ons summer consists of. My aunt Laurie came over this morning for an art party! She is a wonderful and talented artist who inspires me more than she knows. She is hilarious an we spent the morning speaking french and painting and enjoyed the finer things in life. I am currently working on a winner I know it. [the progress WILL be documented] I don't know what happened with the afternoon. The game tally is 11 to 9 for me. I always stay at least 2 up on Nathan, for safety purposes of course. Then Justin's weird weird weird friends came over. And so naturally we harassed them. Nathan and I avoided them around the neighborhood forever. And that's where it kicked in. The feeling of summer. What I remember about summer is not all the places I've gone, all the relaxation, all the activities, all that, in the end what I remember most is the hours I've spent with the people I love out on the cement driveway. That's what I'll take with me, that feeling, those memories.
Another day closer.
Taylor Kent Smedley

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