Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 42

Ahhh the relief. My art piece is complete, signed, and for sale. [I Incorporated an old photograph of my grandma, maybe then she will invest [$$$$$$] if you know what I mean]. I'm glad to have created another interesting piece proud to be called art. Today was one of those days that felt like 3. This morning I took my youngest brother over to the house my friend Stacy is house sitting for the next week. They have five brand new golden retriever puppies. They're cuter than anything on, by a mile [unless you're a rodent person]. I've been against the idea of rodents as pets after the Stuby incident, yes there was an incident [a tragedy [as far as animal murder goes]. The rat, yes rat, murdered, yes murdered, the innocent three toed bird appropriately named Stuby. Bad day, one for the history books. By the time they reached the animal hospital, woe woe it was just to late. Poor Stubs had lost to much blood from the wound, on his neck. I wont get gruesome but lets just think next time we purchase a rat for a domestic animal. I've changed the music I listen to. No more rap. No more Pop/Rock/Top 40's. No more Screamo [hahahhahahaahaha wait that was a joke!]. Ive limited it to uplifting light rock favorites, the classically classy Motab, and Disney soundtracks. Dun dun dun, lets get down to business, to defeat the Huns! [Mulan] Its not that half bad, in fact its quite good. I rather fancy it. Life is moving faster and faster. It seems I say another goodbye everyday. But some are rather left unsaid. The hardest goodbye will be to my boys.
My brothers.Add Imageall of them.

But what is more important than goodbye?
Taylor Kent Smedley

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