Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 36

What a day. Started out by helping at the BDAC with my aunts art class! I miss art, but I know that I'm more focused on other things right now. It was good to see that joy and peace art gives me, being given to other people. I can't wait to give happiness, joy, and peace to other people. I don't even know where to begins. My life has become a whirlwind, the fairytale years of teenagerdom are fluttering in and out of consciousness. This is the real deal, this is my life. This is my time, my shot to do what I want with it. This is it. What my whole life has been leading up too. 36 days away. Wow. Looking back I at what I have accomplished so far just amazes me. To see from where I've been, the highs, the lows, just has prepared me for whats to come. They've all had a purpose, a lesson to be learned. But what happens when it's time to actually live it? It's slowly sinking in, slowly hitting me more and more each day in bursts of excitement, and sadness. So bittersweet. Both happy and sad. It will be hard. But I wouldn't go if it was easy. One month until my 19th birthday. Me 19! Who knew?
Taylor Kent Smedley

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