Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 43

I was hyper concentrated on my art today. The entire day I was just processing what steps I needed to do next and how the final product would turn out. I get this glaze over my eyes and my heart pounds at an unusual rate when I'm so intensely focused. Sometimes I just need to let it go and let the art just be. But that's so hard. For all you non-artists out there [fyi everyones an artist :)] you don't realize how demanding art can be. Its like that annoying naggy girl with a high pitched voice that's always off key, sharp, not extremely sharp but just enough so that you notice it and it drives you crazy. Just like with that girl you sometimes just have to dump it. Have to move on. for the better. My piece is coming along rather splendidly. Friday couldn't come sooner so I can get it out of my system and on with my life. I hate the theme for this years show. Traditions Then and Now! I'm sorry but could we have a cool theme? really? who chose that? Trust you me I know exactly what will be at this years show and mine and my Aunt Lauries, well our pieces will be the only ones that don't involve Pioneer subject matter. Please! Let's do something original. Mine is this modern splatteresque mixed media, and hers, well hers is off the wall. I'm excited. Today has made me so excited. I don't know why? My time here in good ol'Centerville Utah. I'm going to miss it. Its been a part of me for seven years. I guess just like the art, I need to get this town out of my system. Canada. Canada sounds just like heaven. And heaven sounds like a winner to me. Heaven. Heaven. Heaven. Maybe that's what I'm excited for. I'm also excited for the following:

I'm excited for life.

I'm excited to leave.

I'm excited to save lives.

I'm excited for college [maybe if I don't sleep through the ACT again I can go].

I'm excited to get married, in the temple, forever.

I'm excited to become a dad.

I'm excited to raise my 5 or so kids[3 biological, 2 or so adopted].

I'm excited to give them middle names.

I'm excited for the good and the bad and all that's left in between.

but most of all I'm excited for.....

the live action thriller comes theaterbending [so nerdy] to theaters July 2!! that's right, M. Night Shyamalanalans latest movie is sure to not disappoint [it better not or I will sue] me and my Beebs are going to see it at midnight! that's way past his bedtime. Beebs is short for BBF [Best Buddy Forever] the title appropriately applies to my youngest brother Caden. He is my best friend. We get to see Avatar in 3d [ that's the third dimension baby!] at midnight while Nathan and the others see it in 2d [hahahahaha good luck with that! no 3d for you] He and I have been excited since the first word that there was going to be a movie about our favorite American anime nickelodeon TV program. The suspense keeps building


Taylor Kent Smedley

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