Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 45

Today was your typical summer day. Slept in. Relaxed. Enjoyed the sun. But most important, I conquered the world. Me and my younger brother Nathan are master strategists, sneaky business men, and settlers of Catan. We love strategy games, and we love winning. We played 2 games of risk, 2 games monopoly, 3 games of Settlers of Catan, and 1 round of the game of life. Nathan is one funny kid. I can see him becoming an attorney. He'd be the prosecution and his twin, Jacob, the defense. Nathan and I are keeping a track record of our winning record. The score TAYLOR 10! Nathan 8. 10 to 8, a 2 game advantage. It's bittersweet but I've come to enjoy the few games I have left, because 45 days from now Nathan won't have someone to play with. I got a letter from my Mission President today. Work was torture. Can't wait to leave.
See you tomorrow.
Taylor Kent Smedley

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