Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 46

I met my first Canadian yesterday. He was just like me. He was 19. He had blue eyes. On May 26 my life changed. I remember how it felt to have everyone you love, you truly love watch me open the most important letter of my life. I could see my memories in each of their eyes. My grandparents eye held pride and my childhood. My friends eyes held laughter and good times. In my mothers eyes were tears and accomplishment. My brothers eyes held just about the rest. I am the eldest of the best five boys to walk this here earth. They are my strength and I theirs. My eyes were probably the best. I saw my future. I saw my purpose. I nervously slid my finger across the envelop tearing away little pieces. The result. Canada Montreal, French Speaking. This brings me to the purpose of this blog. As of today there are 46 days until I go to the MTC. 46 days until I leave the life I love for two years and I save the lives of many instead. 46 days to say my goodbyes, to tie up loose ends. 46 days to immortalize the time before the time my life changes. So here it goes. What I have done to this point. Graduated High School, Graduated Seminary with 4 years (miracle!) and gave a beautiful inspiring talk (also a miracle I didn't puke!), relaxed, shopped, drove around crazy, played 16 hours of tennis, felt the rain, started a project, explored a city with a good friend, say goodbye to many others, felt the pride and power of the priesthood, lived, loved. Now that you've been caught up. Day46. Going to church (which is now fun! Gracie better be there!), playing tennis, eating dinner with the Tanners, and then finishing it off with a Smedley family gathering which is guaranteed to be interesting. This day marks the first of the countdown. 46 days to go!
More tomorrow,
Taylor Kent Smedley

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