Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 41

My life is a lot more like Lost than I realized. Out of all the characters, I'm Jack, the leader, protector, adventurous, the guardian, I am always trying to be the hero and fix everything, I am troubled, I am trying to do the right thing to be the person I want to be, to be the good guy. There's a Sawyer. The laid back ladies man, the to cool for school attitude, go with the flow, but loyal and good on the inside, a fighter, but he will be there loving you until the end. There's a Hurley, the lovable sweet one, and there's a Ben. There's a good and an evil. There's a Kate, and a Juliet, [Some days I can't tell which one is which]. Some days the two change, but that would make it even more like Lost. Jack and Kate, Sawyer and Juliet, it is all a big love triangle that gets all twisted but straightened out in the end. Sure I may not be on a lost island, but there are times Centerville is more than a mystery. I have so many questions. There are so many possibilities. But in the end will things get figured out?
I turned in my art piece to the gallery this afternoon. I spent the morning with Gracie Lou Who! We had 27 pictures to take. Today was a day of lasts. After two years of making the march to the bus stop, today's all to familiar walk was more like a funeral procession. Saying goodbye to someone who has been there for you is hard stuff. But that's the beauty in it. You know they'll be there again, supporting you with a smile. Thanks :)


Laurie M. Dyer

"My Anthem"

Taylor Kent Smedley

Au revoir.

Taylor Kent Smedley

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  1. thanks tay! i had a blast. the walk to the bus stop was... unreal. love you!!!!!